Explorics is a Software-as-a-Service marketing technology company offering a cloud-based reporting and analytics platform.

By leveraging native integrations with dozens of third-party data sources, Explorics provides its clients with highly visual, interactive, and customizable dashboards enhanced with tangible insights and recommendations to help improve results.

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Marketing Is Complex

Too often, it’s a shot in the dark. An overwhelming and misaligned black box that marketers struggle to understand. Explorics can change that.

What You Need

A sharp, integrated, and calculated approach to data and analytics. Explorics sheds light on the most useful information and data, so you can spend less time guessing and more time optimizing.


For All

The traditional reporting model where marketers juggle insights from twenty different tools and platforms is broken. Explorics was created so that everything could live in one place. Whether you’re an ecommerce site, a CPG brand or a marketer in need of outcomes, Explorics offers a more unified, simplified, and adaptable solution to data and analytics that everyone can understand.

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Marketers rely on a fragmented set of tools for managing their web, social, email, and paid media efforts, but gathering metrics from every tool is a time-consuming and error-prone exercise.  Explorics helps your tools join forces into one unified data layer by automatically aggregating and mapping the things that matter.


If you’re misinformed, you’ll be misaligned. Rather than wasting hours and energy misunderstanding and mistranslating data charts, Explorics provides a clear, direct and holistic view of how your marketing is performing in a way that actually makes sense to you.


We take the headache out of finding insights in your data. Explorics uses automated intelligence to detect patterns and push key areas of focus to the forefront. We also keep it regularly updated, so you feel empowered to make data-based decisions for your brand.

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