Our Story

Explorics was born out of necessity. We incubated for 18 months within full-service, independent marketing agency, GYK Antler, as the firm saw a need to bring ROI-driven marketing data and analytics to its customers. Our offering is fully integrated into dozens of 3rd party marketing technologies, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Mailchimp. By using Artificial Intelligence to streamline the reporting and analytics across these disparate technologies, we provide our clients with automated insights and actionable recommendations - all within highly visual, interactive, and customizable dashboard solutions - with core functionality available for API integration.

Our Team

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Evan York – CEO

Evan built Explorics from scratch and is generally considered to be the brains of the operation. He wears many hats but is primarily responsible for leading and executing Explorics' strategic vision.

He brings his experience leading big data and analytics initiatives, having a deep understanding for what a business needs to gain insights for critical decision-making.

Evan has spent his career in Product Management roles for various data-centric software platforms, and has advised successful startups in how to use data and technology to better grow their business.


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Adam Hollis – CRO

Adam is responsible for making sure that the lights stay on and that we're able to feed our families by ensuring the rest of the world knows how awesome and powerful the Explorics platform is.

He has made a career out of his passion for relationship development. Not only is Adam a natural sales leader but he genuinely cares about his customers. Spend enough time with him and you'll see why his clients often become friends.

Adam has been an enterprise relationship manager, a mid-market account management team leader, run an ecommerce consulting practice, been responsible for business development at a SaaS recurring billing platform provider and is an award-winning enterprise sales executive.


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Michael Waldman – Engineering

Michael is responsible for building cool stuff.

He stands firmly at the intersection of marketing, data, integration, analytics, and web development. He not only paves the roads of the Explorics platform, but keeps them smooth while adapting to ever-changing conditions in the marketing technology landscape.

Michael has held a variety of roles building software and successfully executing data and analytics projects for marketing agencies, with broad experience in the finance, healthcare, publishing, and travel sectors.