Short-term goals leave marketers short-sighted

Short-term goals leave marketers short-sighted

For some marketing teams, data and analytics are typically thought of as a long-term priority.  In previous blogs, we’ve talked a little about the pursuit of implementing a solution typically falling to the wayside with other “short term” challenges.  Those challenges are generally comprised of; generating traffic and leads, securing more budget, managing the website, creating content, and the hiring of additional marketers.  If only there was a way to improve web traffic and leads based off campaign results over time. Or an easier way to ask the executive team to approve a larger budget if you had the data to back your efforts. Data seems like the obvious answer, but what prevents marketers from facing the “data elephant” in the room?

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Marketing Made Easier

A marketer’s life is easy, isn’t it?

At a certain stage, a company may rely on only one or a handful of individuals to manage their blog and other website copy/design and SEO, their social media content and community management, their regular email newsletters and communications, and their paid media / advertising budgets. Throw in some PR, a trade show, and some lead-gen or other sales support. For a savvy marketing generalist, any given day may look drastically different from the last. It is a delicate balancing act to dive in and out of these areas with grace.

When your team gets big enough, your generalists can become specialists, and you can collectively divide and conquer those efforts and go deeper in any given area. You may even augment your team with the support of consultants or develop a relationship with an agency. All good things.Read More >

New Year, new you, yadda yadda yadda

As the new year approaches, a lot of people take time to reflect on the past year, what’s to come, as well as how they’re going to try to make change for the better.  I don’t know if it’s because New Year’s follows the insane holiday season, or we’re stuck in that weird dead zone when work, school, and any other responsibility seems to disappear.  There’s almost a limbo-like suspension in time at the end of December.  This may be why we hyper-focus on goals and fantasize about all of the great changes we ought to be making. Everything is quiet and we can actually pay attention and internally reflect.Read More >