Case Study – Optimizing Content & Growing Social

Optimizing Content & Growing Social

From barbecue sauces to marinades to glazes and beyond, SBR has got you (and your next meal) covered.


The Challenge

Need for growth – needed a solution to track and optimize content as they attempted to build out their social channels.Read More >

Case Study – Consolidating Analytics

Consolidating Analytics

Duncan Enterprises, Inc., designs, manufactures, and distributes ceramics, arts and crafts, fabric dying and painting products, fashion arts, and home decor DIY products under several individual brands, such as Tattoo Junkee, Tie Dye Your Summer, etc.

The Challenge

Duncan had used multiple solutions to track their website, social, paid media, and email activity and needed a solution that would offer an instant view of all digital marketing results and reduce the time spent in building reports and presentations, with faster monitoring of their campaigns to identify the best/worst in terms of ROI or engagement.Read More >

Case Study – Reducing Reporting Time

Reducing Reporting Time

As a mid-size, independent, full-service marketing agency headquartered in New Hampshire, their hundred or so technologists, creatives, strategists, data hounds, and media planners understand what it takes to shift a brand into new territory. Whether it’s gutting a textile mill to create an ideal content studio, or bringing Emmy Award-winning video producers in-house, they embrace the “Live Free or Die” mentality, follow their passions, and tap into their collective power to create positive, measurable change for their clients such as Dunkin’ Brands, Moxie, and the New Hampshire Lottery.

At GYK Antler, their hearts and brains are always working together, and that’s what makes their work so impactful.Read More >