Monthly Archives: October 2017

Reporting vs Analytics

The What vs The Why Sometimes I encounter misperception between reporting and analytics. I think the confusion exists because both reporting and analytics can derive from the same source data. To make a good analysis, you might leverage a presentation of data that looks an awful lot like a report. The main difference is: Reports […]

Startup digs deeply into social media marketing

By MICHAEL COUSINEAU New Hampshire Union Leader October 08. 2017 1:33AM MANCHESTER — Scott Sewade started posting more pictures of people wearing his company’s military-themed shirts after he started using new software that measured the company’s engagements on Facebook and Instagram. “Customers will send a picture of them wearing our product, and we’ve been able to find […]

The Truth and Myth of ROI

ROI, Return on Investment, is a term that gets thrown around a lot in many different contexts.  No more so than in the sales world.  As sales people part of what we are selling, regardless of the product, is the return the buyer can expect in exchange for their hard-earned dollars.  With cars, the ROI […]