The acronym struggle is real

If you’ve ever checked out any industry conference, it is sort of like finding yourself surrounded by real-life pop-up ads. You’ll be crammed into hallways of exhibitors and sponsor booths with bright banners, riddled with catchphrases, and marketing buzzwords.  You may find yourself distracted by demos, tech giveaways, stress balls and fidget spinners emblazoned with company names, and marketing collateral that gives some, but not all the details of what a company provides as their service.

During my time at a recent marketing industry conference, I couldn’t help but notice that every single booth was filled with endless acronyms; ASP, MDP, CDP, DCO, CPM, WTF? I watched as people walked by the booths squinting and deciphering the banners, trying to put the pieces together and make sense of their bullet points. Finally giving up and asking the booth attendant: “So…what do you guys do?”. Then suffering through the representative regurgitating the same jargon wondering all the while if they are doing this on purpose and if they get sick pleasure from watching faces twist with confusion. How can it be that a company’s solution can be so lost in translation over jargon? Especially at a time when over 5000 martech (marketing technology, sorry for the jargon) solutions exist and more are popping up all over the industry, differentiation should be important, right?

Once the conference was over, I turned to my one trusted source I knew would provide the answers, The Internet.  Boy was I wrong.  I spent hours digging into every beautifully crafted website, clicking on solution description, one after another, finding no real answers.  They may describe a specific issue that a company faces, add in a bar graph, flow chart, or quote from a customer, but no description of what they do or HOW they may solve said issue.  Please…just tell me what your company does!

In the wave of software and technology companies in every industry, this is not uncommon.  I worked for a SaaS company occupying the Architectural and Engineering space, and heard terms flung around that made people scratch their heads, and call us merely to just find out what type of company we were.  The ultimate question that marketers and especially consumers have, is what the heck do you guys do?  Which translates into, why should I give you my money for this service? They have a point.  Time is money, and money is pizza.  Be clear and upfront about what your service provides.  Here at Explorics, our mantra is simple: Spend less time guessing, and more time optimizing. (Though we are considering a change to 100% insights, 0% bullshit) Give us a shout if you have questions or would like to know more about what the heck we do, better yet, let our website show you the answers.


Before we go we’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to join us for our first ever webinar.  On Thursday, 11/9 at 10am EST our cofounder and chief revenue officer, Adam Hollis, will be providing an online demonstration of the Explorics platform!  This is a unique opportunity to see first hand the product we are so proud of so please plan on joining us.

Explorics Platform Demonstration followed by Q&A
Thursday, November 9, 10am EST