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Rising Tides

There’s an old saying I’m sure you’ve heard before, “There’s nothing new under the sun”. At face value it can sound daunting at a minimum, apathetic at worst.  A sort of, “Why bother? It’s already been done”.  That’s the way I’ve felt about it in the past but as time passes and experience builds I […]

Always Be Closing? (Part II)

…continued from Part I Selling is not about convincing someone else to do something.  This isn’t the Boiler Room or Glengarry Glen Ross.  This is modern selling and modern selling is about three things:

Always Be Closing? (Part I)

I have been in sales and relationship management for the vast majority of my career.  It is something I have always enjoyed and something that has been a natural fit.  I enjoy meeting new people, learning about new businesses and business models and, most of all I enjoy solving problems for my customers.  I have […]