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Amazon Ads is the Sleeping Giant that You need to be Looking at

Until this point, most work with traditional ads focused on making as many impressions as possible – relevancy optional. Facebook and Google took advertising to the next level, by allowing advertisers to target users based on interests, searches, and demographics. With Amazon ads, you can go one step further: making intelligent assumptions based on concrete […]

The One-Sentence Sales Email – Results!

The One Sentence Sales Email: How did it do? Recently I took a look at why I liked the idea of the one sentence sales email. There was only one thing left to do: give it a try! The Email Looking back, this should have been an open-ended question. Hand up on that one.

Dilly Dilly

The buzzworthy campaign of the decade? The viral “Dilly Dilly” campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy ad agency for the American-style lager, Bud Light, was brought back to life during the Super Bowl when it teamed up with Game of Thrones. The launch of this 2017 television marketing campaign appealed to all audiences with their light-hearted approach […]