Case Study – Consolidating Analytics

Consolidating Analytics

Duncan Enterprises, Inc., designs, manufactures, and distributes ceramics, arts and crafts, fabric dying and painting products, fashion arts, and home decor DIY products under several individual brands, such as Tattoo Junkee, Tie Dye Your Summer, etc.

The Challenge

Duncan had used multiple solutions to track their website, social, paid media, and email activity and needed a solution that would offer an instant view of all digital marketing results and reduce the time spent in building reports and presentations, with faster monitoring of their campaigns to identify the best/worst in terms of ROI or engagement.

The Solution

Explorics provided better marketing performance visibility without needing IT resources or multiple tools.

Immediately after onboarding Explorics, Duncan was able to clearly understand what paid campaigns were most successful and measure the direct effects of different promos in their e-commerce sales. In addition, they were able to monitor and compare influencer campaigns looking at YouTube, Instagram and Facebook engagement with sales results right next to each other.

 “I really love this dashboard” – Victoria Raines, Director, Digital Marketing & Creative

Explorics has been a great time-saving tool for Duncan’s business as they continue to grow their online community and measure their growth on a regular basis. Simple things like green and red color codes have made it easy-to-read for Duncan executives to recognize their winning campaigns.  By logging into this platform versus all the website, newsletter, analytics and social platforms, they get instant access to all of their marketing results in one place, easily and cleanly.