Case Study – Reducing Reporting Time

Reducing Reporting Time

As a mid-size, independent, full-service marketing agency headquartered in New Hampshire, their hundred or so technologists, creatives, strategists, data hounds, and media planners understand what it takes to shift a brand into new territory. Whether it’s gutting a textile mill to create an ideal content studio, or bringing Emmy Award-winning video producers in-house, they embrace the “Live Free or Die” mentality, follow their passions, and tap into their collective power to create positive, measurable change for their clients such as Dunkin’ Brands, Moxie, and the New Hampshire Lottery.

At GYK Antler, their hearts and brains are always working together, and that’s what makes their work so impactful.

The Challenge

Being a full-service agency, there is always reporting to be done. Why are media coordinators and brand strategists manually pulling data and fiddling with spreadsheets in 2019? What if a team member is out that day? It takes a ton of time and manpower to put together the level of reporting that clients expect, and GYK Antler sought out to find a better way.

The Solution

Explorics completely automated the process of collecting client data, outputting it in a way that is both aesthetic and easy-to-digest. Having all the accounts that each coordinator owns at their fingertips made it seamless to both compare performance of different brands and export relevant reporting information in just 2 clicks.

Reporting by media coordinators used to take about a full day each week. With Explorics, that process was trimmed down to about 5 minutes per client, with the individual clients expressing high praise at the simplicity and beauty of our charts:

“This is PERFECT! In fact, I think you guys should use this format all the time when reporting metrics. It’s extremely palatable and easily passed along to the industry”

            -Director, Agency Client X

For the agency, this incredibly efficient change in process has freed up tremendous amount of time for teams to increase their throughput and focus on the most fun part of working at an agency – the marketing!