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Reporting vs Analytics

The What vs The Why Sometimes I encounter misperception between reporting and analytics. I think the confusion exists because both reporting and analytics can derive from the same source data. To make a good analysis, you might leverage a presentation of data that looks an awful lot like a report. The main difference is: Reports […]

The Truth and Myth of ROI

  ROI, Return on Investment, is a term that gets thrown around a lot in many different contexts.  No more so than in the sales world.  As sales people part of what we are selling, regardless of the product, is the return the buyer can expect in exchange for their hard-earned dollars.  With cars, the […]

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something (Part 2)

  …Continued from Part 1 My internal dialog on my way into the office, at the gym, going to bed, really any idle moment has begun to sound like this, If we don’t scale users of the platform we can’t invest in a UI developer as soon as we’d like.  If we don’t establish the right […]

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something (Part 1)

Earlier in my career I spent several years at a startup services company called Circles at 300 Congress Street in Boston.  Circles provided (and still does) white labeled call center based concierge services to credit card and luxury brands.  I had just been promoted from being a team leader in the call center to the […]

Welcome to Explorics

Welcome to Explorics. We launched this company for marketers. As experienced data & analytics leaders at GYK Antler, a full service and independent ad agency, we had front row seats to watch our agency peers struggle to help clients adjust to the ever-changing data driven and results-oriented marketing landscape. We needed a way to bring […]