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Social media marketing, and why it doesn’t have to suck

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the influx of e-commerce thanks to the increase in smartphone users and social media.  In this week’s post, I wanted to dive a little deeper into what social media marketing looks like, and how companies are leveraging data and analytics to prove ROI.  I also wanted […]

Always Be Closing? (Part II)

…continued Selling is not about convincing someone else to do something.  This isn’t the Boiler Room or Glengarry Glen Ross.  This is modern selling and modern selling is about three things; Relationships (the honest & sincere variety) Knowing your business Solving problems These three principals apply regardless of the product in question. We’ve all been […]

Always Be Closing? (Part I)

I have been in sales and relationship management for the vast majority of my career.  It is something I have always enjoyed and something that has been a natural fit.  I enjoy meeting new people, learning about new businesses and business models and, most of all I enjoy solving problems for my customers.  I have […]

The acronym struggle is real

Before we dive into this week’s blog post we’d like to take the opportunity to invite you to join us for our first ever webinar.  On Thursday, 11/9 at 10am EST our cofounder and chief revenue officer, Adam Hollis, will be providing an online demonstration of the Explorics platform!  This is a unique opportunity to […]

Money up for Grabs

Jorge Mesquita, a senior executive at Johnson & Johnson, made some startling admissions recently. J&J is the 7th most valuable company in the USA – worth $360 billion – thanks to advantages it has held for decades. And according to Mr. Mesquita, those advantages have now eroded. J&J, and other large consumer products companies, are […]

The times, they are a changin’

2017 is coming to an end, a year that was speculated to already have flying cars and actual hover boards. None of those specific technological advances have become a reality quite yet, however, the technological advances in how we access information has completely quadrupled in the past 17 years.  Think about it, Y2K was speculated […]

Reporting vs Analytics

The What vs The Why Sometimes I encounter misperception between reporting and analytics. I think the confusion exists because both reporting and analytics can derive from the same source data. To make a good analysis, you might leverage a presentation of data that looks an awful lot like a report. The main difference is: Reports […]

The Truth and Myth of ROI

  ROI, Return on Investment, is a term that gets thrown around a lot in many different contexts.  No more so than in the sales world.  As sales people part of what we are selling, regardless of the product, is the return the buyer can expect in exchange for their hard-earned dollars.  With cars, the […]

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something (Part 2)

  …Continued from Part 1 My internal dialog on my way into the office, at the gym, going to bed, really any idle moment has begun to sound like this, If we don’t scale users of the platform we can’t invest in a UI developer as soon as we’d like.  If we don’t establish the right […]

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something (Part 1)

Earlier in my career I spent several years at a startup services company called Circles at 300 Congress Street in Boston.  Circles provided (and still does) white labeled call center based concierge services to credit card and luxury brands.  I had just been promoted from being a team leader in the call center to the […]