Explorics at the Agency – Social

In this series, we will learn more about different agency marketers, and how they maximize time in their day-to-day. Today we are speaking with Hannah Dempsey, who is a Media Coordinator at the GYK Antler agency.

 Explorics: What do you spend your time working on?

I manage all social media efforts for 5-6 agency clients every day. This includes owning social, paid social, organic content, user generated content, and community management. It’s really funny seeing some of the interactions between the consumers and the brand pages. For example, I get a lot of people for a barbeque sauce brand the agency represents send me pictures of their babies holding bottles of the product.

Explorics: What is the most important information to you in your day-to-day?

One of the most important metrics that I own are followers gained per month. I measure that with Explorics, because it puts all of the followers gained in one place per brand where I can see what platforms growth is occurring on and how they got there. For example, it adds a ton of value to my reporting when I can tell a client the exact number of followers they gained after a certain Instagram post from an influencer. To report, I filter all social media posts by impressions, video views for 10 second videos, and followers gained per month. Explorics saves me a ton of time reporting on Facebook campaigns, as the default view only allows you to view one month of data at a time. With our campaigns usually running for 3 months at a time, it’s really important for me to be able to view my data in 3-month segments. Otherwise, I’m trying to pull data a month at a time and cut it all into spread sheets which becomes a huge problem when you are trying to report for multiple brands and keep all the organized and accurate.

Explorics: What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of my job is looking at the stats after running a campaign and seeing the positive changes I was able to drive. I use Explorics for that, because it shows every post we’ve done for a campaign and allows me to click each individual one without leaving the tool so I can tell which ones are capturing the consumer’s eye. This makes it so much easier to plan my content calendar, because I heavily leverage consumer preferences bubbled up to me through the image recognition in Explorics. Every brand performs differently, so it’s really important to know quickly how a given piece for content performs on a given platform. For instance, short Tasty-style recipe videos may perform best on Facebook, giveaways on Instagram, and static recipes on Pinterest. It’s my job to determine that and report it back to the brands to create as much value as possible.

Explorics: Thanks Hannah!


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