Explorics at the Agency

In this series, we will learn more about different agency marketers, and how they maximize time in their day-to-day. Today we are speaking with Nathan Yanuszewski, who has been with GYK Antler on the strategy team for the past five years.

Nate “in the field”

Explorics: What does your Day-to-day look like?

I help write brand strategies for agency new business. I own reporting for most of the clients who come through my agency whether existing or new, and we constantly revise strategy based on what the data is telling us.
There are 3 proof points that I need to be able to speak to for each of our brands:

  • Where we spent
  • Where we over-delivered
  • Where we saw success

Explorics: You mentioned that you own reporting. What does that process look like for you?

Reporting honestly used to be a huge mess for us, and far and away the worst part of my job. We used to pull reports from our scheduling tools such as Sprout, the social platforms on their own, and some other third-party BI tools. We actually used to have extra team members as analysts watching different channels of different brands, it would lead to conflicting numbers which took a lot of time to sort out.

We moved to Explorics in 2017 and it’s made my life so much easier. I honestly can’t put an exact number on the time savings, but it saves a minimum of a few hours every week not having to cross check 5 different sources for one campaign anymore. We no longer need dedicated team members just to compile our analytics, which lets me accurately take on more responsibility and own it all on my own.

Explorics: What are some value-adds you like to add for your clients with Explorics?

Reporting clients on a monthly-basis means looking at the big picture and that’s what the main holistic dash provides. While I’m able to click through each of the 4 focus areas above, this holistic view tells the story of how the brand performed in a snapshot. We can plot out each map by days, weeks and/or months to view spikes in traffic or engagement. I use this as my one-stop shop to see how our paid efforts resulted in traffic driven, followers gained, engagement recorded, and email interaction. I like that I can just download any view I create and either copy it into a PowerPoint or just email it directly to a client or coworker if they have any questions.

The other game-changer for me is being able to see alternative sources of data for specific clients. Every agency client has types of data which doesn’t show up surface level on their social tools but is “unique-to-them”. This data really impacts how their brand makes decisions, so being able to track and measure it allows me to add a ton of value to them as a marketer. In an agency setting, this always makes us look better when we can provide “next-level looks”, with the above example showing metrics that directly impact decisions I would make for a hospitality client.

Explorics: Thanks Nate!


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