The One-Sentence Sales Email

Hot in the Streets: The One-Sentence Sales Email

One of the best parts of LinkedIn is getting a tactical glimpse into how people in your network are running their organizations. Collin Cadmus is the VP of Sales at Aircall, who had an interesting sales hypothesis: less is more. With most decision makers running from meeting-to-meeting for most of their day, it is both selfish and unrealistic to expect somebody to read a 3-paragraph sales pitch…followed by 5 bullets, 2 whitepapers, and a case study.Read More >

Explorics at the Agency – Social

In this series, we will learn more about different agency marketers, and how they maximize time in their day-to-day. Today we are speaking with Hannah Dempsey, who is a Media Coordinator at the GYK Antler agency.

 Explorics: What do you spend your time working on?

I manage all social media efforts for 5-6 agency clients every day. This includes owning social, paid social, organic content, user generated content, and community management. It’s really funny seeing some of the interactions between the consumers and the brand pages. For example, I get a lot of people for a barbeque sauce brand the agency represents send me pictures of their babies holding bottles of the product.

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Three Big Instagram Predictions for 2019

1. Making Donations

TechCrunch has gone through and recently found multiple references to allowing donations be sent to participating causes straight through the app. Earlier this month, Facebook said at its Communities Summit that early forms of fundraising will be rolled out this year through stickers. This will work similarly to Facebook donations to approved causes, but work straight the the Instagram app. I see this becoming huge when it gets it because of the more visual nature of Instagram. The next time donation calls out for a natural disaster, it will be much more powerful being able to see Instagram stories of people affected and video clips of relief efforts done with the donation CTA at the end.Read More >