Explorics at the Agency

In this series, we will learn more about different agency marketers, and how they maximize time in their day-to-day. Today we are speaking with Nathan Yanuszewski, who has been with GYK Antler on the strategy team for the past five years.

Nate “in the field”

Explorics: What does your Day-to-day look like?

I help write brand strategies for agency new business. I own reporting for most of the clients who come through my agency whether existing or new, and we constantly revise strategy based on what the data is telling us.
There are 3 proof points that I need to be able to speak to for each of our brands:

  • Where we spent
  • Where we over-delivered
  • Where we saw success

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The Fourth Quarter Push

How to Finish the Year Strong

The new year is upon us. Before you know it, we will be writing 2019 on the date line and counting the days to Spring. Between now and then, we must face the reality of finishing out the year strong. For many consumer goods businesses, the end of the year brings expectations; expectations highlighted by the retail-essential Black Friday and the E-commerce-essential Cyber Monday that are just the beginning to a quarter driven by results. Right when that turbulence ends, holiday shopping begins. What are you doing to maximize exposure? What have you done to set your product apart from the competition? Read More >

Explorics Year One

Spiral Calendar on EmojiOne 3.1

As I’ve mentioned in this space before, our company was born out of the needs of a full-service marketing agency.  Initially envisioned as an internal agency tool for campaign optimization, social media management, and customer analytics (among other things), there was always the idea that it could become something greater.

So, while we spent time gradually onboarding agency clients onto the platform, it wasn’t until the end of 2016 that we landed our first non-agency customer and truly acknowledged the larger opportunity for an independent platform.  So, we put ourselves on a path towards separating software from services and in September 2017 we became what we are today: Explorics.  What a difference a year makes!

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