The Fourth Quarter Push

How to Finish the Year Strong

The new year is upon us. Before you know it, we will be writing 2019 on the date line and counting the days to Spring. Between now and then, we must face the reality of finishing out the year strong. For many consumer goods businesses, the end of the year brings expectations; expectations highlighted by the retail-essential Black Friday and the E-commerce-essential Cyber Monday that are just the beginning to a quarter driven by results. Right when that turbulence ends, holiday shopping begins. What are you doing to maximize exposure? What have you done to set your product apart from the competition?

Here are some ways marketing analytics can maximize your fourth quarter results while streamlining your marketing efforts.

  1. Build for the Future
  2. Even if you do not have a current marketing analytics solution, make sure you are collecting data. It doesn’t take much to start; simple Excel sheets or raw data files will suffice. Gathering this data to build historical records will help improve future analysis and give you previous trends to compare your current data to.

  3. Stay Ahead of the Trends
  4. Many new market trends start and accumulate attention on social platforms. These disparate platforms force marketers to have to continuously extract information from each one and then create their own data points.  Stay engaged with your customers with unified social media metrics and optimize your content in ways that resonate with your customers.  Doing this effectively requires a keen eye for details like where, when, and what is best to post.

  5. Adapt in the Moment
  6. Trends and fads can change in an instant. You want to have all factors covered and be informed immediately when the smallest change can influence potential customers. Robust analytics and AI allow you to be in control of your data in the moment to save you time and give you all the information clearly to make data-based decisions.

  7. Deliver Results
  8. At the end of the day, marketers need to deliver results. Whether it be increasing page views or purchases, results matter. Getting your customers to the finish line (check-out) takes an organized, concise marketing attack. Compile all of your paid media efforts, email newsletter data, and social media metrics in one place, make sure you aren’t bogged down with excessive analysis, and focus on optimal execution to make the most out of your final push.