Welcome to Explorics

Welcome to Explorics.

We launched this company for marketers. As experienced data & analytics leaders at GYK Antler, a full service and independent ad agency, we had front row seats to watch our agency peers struggle to help clients adjust to the ever-changing data driven and results-oriented marketing landscape.

We needed a way to bring more robust, customized and ROI-driven reporting and analytics to customers. We could have followed the typical agency model of hiring an army of data analysts, and we could have been very successful with that approach.

But we saw a greater opportunity.

We realized that marketing often relies on diverse teams to execute across disparate channels such as traditional and digital media, social, email, CRM, websites, influencers, ecommerce, search, and more. We realized that groups are often stuck self-reporting in silos, if at all, which leads to issues proving success, earning trust and leveraging learnings to improve upon results.

So we built our platform out of necessity. By starting to automate the work typically left to manual processes, we created more efficient and accurate results. By unifying the data and building highly visual and interactive dashboard solutions, we started to make those results more complete and transparent. By applying marketing savvy and analytics best practices, we started to curate that data into something more meaningful and actionable.

Marketing is complex. Explorics was created to help marketers spend less time guessing and more time optimizing.

We are excited to finally come to market! Give us a shout!