Unify data and metrics from dozens of disparate marketing platforms with just a few clicks. Explorics does this for you by automatically retrieving the data that you need, mapping key elements across data sources into a unified data layer, and regularly updating it so that you can focus less on data management and more on marketing.

We’re constantly integrating with new data sources, reach out for more details!


Your website functions as your portal to the world, so whether you’re using it to promote or sell your products and services, or as a channel to present compelling content, Explorics brings together a variety of quantitative and qualitative information to help you easily understand website performance.
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    Select Data Details:

  • Key Metrics: Sessions, Pageviews, Avg Session Duration, Bounces, Transactions, Revenue, Events, SEO, etc
  • Key Dimensions: Channel Grouping, Source, Medium, Campaign, Page Path, Events, Products, etc